A Passion For Young People

Media Mentors was born out of a love for working with the youth. Film production and editing, social media content creation, and entrepreneurship are the tools of choice to make an impact.

Find out about our co-founders, Randall Hazard, Ebony Flake, and Brian Smalls. Find out who they are, what makes them tick, and why they do what they do.


A Tidewater area native, Randall Hazard is a graduate of Old Dominion University. Randall is the Marketing Director for Cornerstone Estate Planners in Williamsburg, Virginia. Randall discovered his passion for media as a student at Gloucester High School where he was part of the TV production program. He is experienced in every aspect of film making, from pre to post-production. Randall is a cinephile and a creative who seeks to pass along his love of film to generations to come.


Ebony Flake is a creative media entrepreneur, business leader, and co-founder of Detroit-based content collective, Urban Content Studios, connecting Detroit-based creatives with opportunities to create media for impact organizations. Ebony has a professional background in HR Leadership spanning three Fortune 100 companies. She is also a writer with viral bylines in several publications including Teen Vogue & Blavity. She has a passion for creating stories that speak to the intersection of blackness and culture, politics, and entertainment. Ebony believes in the power of storytelling to engender empathy and spur change. She hopes to inspire young people to do just that.


Innovative. Creative. Thought Leader. These are just a few of the adjectives to describe Media Mentors co-Founder Brian Smalls. Brian grew up in The 757 (Hampton Roads area of Virginia). He played football at the University of Michigan and after graduating enrolled at the University of Miami School of Law. Upon graduation from law school, Brian returned to Virginia and has worked in the public sector, and previously was the President and CEO of Cornerstone Estate Planners. Brian has developed a passion for film production and content creation. He wants to pass on that passion to young people, along with his entrepreneurial spirit.